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Busy week

Had a busy week, and the next of the same kind (even worse) is already approaching. I’ll be traveling a lot, starting from tommorrow, when I’ll take a train to Munich, in order to work there for the LiMux team and another client. Vacation time in this case means double work and two additional “night shifts” for me, so I expect to be pretty exhausted until thursday in the late afternoon, when I’ll move on to Stuttgart.

Early friday morning will see me taking a plane from Stuttgart to London Stanstead and then further (by train) to Reading, where Wineconf 2006 is going to take place next weekend. Hopefully the GPG key signing party I am trying to set up there will see a few more participants than the exactly zero that have registered by now ;-) I shall be back in Germany late Monday evening.

So, not much time for blogging, but expect a few things about Wineconf on the weekend of 16/17th of september. Maybe even with color pictures[tm] ;-)


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rob am :

don’t forget the carrots, next time you visit us :)

David am :

How could I! I derive all my energy from those de-li-ci-ous vegetables, that are best served on a Cherry keyboard ;-)

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