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Wenn sich jemand (außer mir) wundern sollte, warum ich kaum noch zum schreiben komme: der derzeit aktuellste Grund ist der 22c3, den ich den ganzen Tag und die halbe Nacht besuche. Ist Jahre her daß ich in Berlin war, und es scheint, der Congress ist (fast) das einzige, was mich wiederholt in diese Stadt locken kann.

Mehr demnächst. Paar Tage Tastaturabstinenz sind ab und an ganz gesund ;)


Gestern nacht, auf dem späten Heimweg nach Kneipenbesuch mit Spezl aus Schülerzeiten, und wartend auf die U-Bahn rauschte plötzlich so ein Wartungsfahrzeug durch den Bahnhof. Kurzer Flashback in Kindertage, wo ich diese seltsamen Gefährte nur ganz selten zu sehen bekam, weil die immer zu Zeiten verkehrten, wo brave Kinder natürlich schon schlafen. Ein Hoch auf die Digitaltechnik, jetzt kann ich mir die Teile permanent angucken ;)


Grade auf der Suche nach ner gescheiten Vorlage für einen tabellarischen Lebenlauf. Festgestellt, daß meine Version jede im Netz erhältliche Vorlage um Klassen toppt. Dabei wohliger Herr-laß-Hirn-regnen-Effekt: Wieviele Doofnasen ihren eigenen Lebenslauf per Filesharing freigegeben haben, läßt tief blicken. Geiz ist eben manchmal doch geil - zumindest wenn es um das Hergeben persönlicher Daten geht.

Richard North Patterson - Conviction

Does the acronym AEDPA mean anything to you? Do you have an good idea how the U.S. Supreme Court works? Ever wondered why it takes so long from a death sentence to execution in the US judicial system? I surely would have answered most of these questions with a “No”, and frankly these topics seem rather dry and difficult to dig into to me.

However, having only recently finished reading “Conviction”, a more or less despair-induced buy on a long weekend, I do feel somewhat puzzled by the complexity of the many issues closely linked to the death penalty in the USA. Along the lines of the invented case of the Price brothers, both having been sentenced to death, and the pro bono lawyer of one of them trying to save him from execution only weeks before the final date, Patterson provides very insightful information wrapped into a stunning read.

To start with, even when finding evidence that would have sufficed for accquittal in the original trial, but that has been raised - and inefficiently so - by e.g. an incompetent lawyer, you are not even entitled to a new trial if the original one did not violate the very basic formalities demanded by the constitution. That might strike you as wierd, but be assured, that’s by far not the only thing of that kind that will occur to you when reading the book. Patterson himself is a lawyer and seems to have done profound research in order to get the facts right. It’s not the right book to read when you’re seeking for easy entertainment, but I don’t think that was supposed to be its purpose.

Barcelona Youth Hostel

I’ve been wanting to post that since a very long time, but I never made it. Well, that’s gonna change: During my summer vacation, I had a stay of several days in the marvelous city of Barcelona. Having made oh-so-many bad experiences with youth hostels pretty much all over Europe, I was somehow sceptical when booking there.

However, my time at the New Youth Hostel (Alberguinn) were better than anything I would have ever dared to imagine. The place is pretty modern, and - very important in my opinion - clean. That applies in particular to the toilets and the bathrooms. Them being cleaned on a daily basis makes me think that state’s gonna last for some time ;)

The breakfast included with the price suffices very well for a solid start into the day, and the kitchen allows for fun cooking sessions using moderately priced ingredients from any of the supermarkets nearby. The community room in the entrance is just great - huge TV, plenty of books, free internet (Ubuntu-based!-). Plus, the personel is very friendly and helpful, and fluent in english, spanish and french. It’s just a great place to stay, all but expensive, and it being close (but not inside) to the very center of Barcelona makes it a definite recommendation. Oh, if you wanna hear about the only downside I managed to find: For breakfast, better buy your own jam - at least if you think you like other flavors than strawberry ;-)

Radio Paradise AAC Stream

Radio Paradise ist wirklich super - insbesondere seit ich in München bin, hör’ ich es praktisch dauernd. Allerdings ist meine Bandbreite hier mit 384 kBit/s eben doch ein wenig kleiner als daheim, weswegen ich furchtbar gerne den 40 oder 64 kBit-Stream im AAC-Format nutzen würde. Dafür braucht man laut Website VLC. Der jedoch weigert sich bei mir mit folgender Fehlermeldung:

[00000221] access_http access: ICY server found, m4a demuxer selected
[00000223] m4a demuxer error: cannot find mp4a packetizer
[00000219] main input error: no suitable demux module for `http/m4a://’
[00000251] access_http access: ICY server found, m4a demuxer selected
[00000253] m4a demuxer error: cannot find mp4a packetizer
[00000249] main input error: no suitable demux module for `http/m4a://’

Wenn jemand einen Tipp hat, wäre ich sehr dankbar. VLC 0.8.1 auf Gentoo Linux.