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4th Euro-Africa ICT Group Meeting

The START project, also known as the EuroAfrica-ICT initiative, is supported by the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media), and aims at connecting sub-Saharan Africa and the European Union for ICT partnerships under the FP7 EC research funding programme.

The project is implemented by a consortium led by Sigma Consultants through its Orionis division and two key African Institutes specialising in the ICT field, the Meraka Institute of the CSIR (South Africa) and the Panos Institute West Africa (Senegal).

The 4th group meeting of the EuroAfrica-ICT initiative is going to take place in Brussels, Belgium, on January 31. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of interesting people there, among them Santhi Kumaran (Head, Dept. of Computer Engineering & Information Technology, Kigali Institute of Science & Technology, Rwanda) and Serge Ferré (Vice-President, Nokia Europe).

Registration seems to be still open, just in case you’re interested ;)


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