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Hab in letzter Zeit einiges gelesen und nix dazu gebloggt. Ui. Daher gibts in den kommenden Tagen öfter mal einen Buchlink mit einem klitzekleinen Kommentar dazu. 

The perfect match

Read any woman’s magazine and you’ll see the same complaint over and over again: men - those little boys ten or twenty or thirty years on - are hopeless in bed. They are not interested in ‘foreplay’; they have no desire to stimulate the erogenous zones of the opposite sex; they are selfish, greedy, clumsy, unsophisticated. These complaints, you can’t help feeling, are kind of ironic. Back then all we wanted was foreplay, and girls weren’t interested. They didn’t want to be touched, caressed, stimulated, aroused; in fact, they used to thump us if we tried. It’s not really very surprising, then, that we’re not much good at all that. We spent two or three long and extremely formative years being told very forcibly not even to think about it. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four, foreplay changes from being something that boys want to do and girls don’t, to something that women want and men can’t be bothered with. [..] The perfect match, if you ask me, is between the Cosmo woman and the fourteen-year-old boy.
-- Nick Hornby, in High Fidelity

Frederic Beigbeder: L'Egoiste romantique

Et voila, encore un livre fini. Des que j’ai mon diplome, j’arrive a lire autant que jamais. Celui-ci, c’est encore une fois un produit beigbederien, du genre comme toujours. Sauf qu’il ne s’agit pas vraiment d’un roman - contrairement a ce que est marque au-dessus - mais plutot d’un journal intime. Plein des obscenites typiques pour cet auteur, moi je pense que il s’agit quand meme d’une hymne a l’amour et le romantisme.

Dire plus, c’est rater le livre - il reste donc a vous de decouvrir (ca vaut la peine!) et a moi de chercher un nouveau morceau a digester ;-)

Richard North Patterson - Conviction

Does the acronym AEDPA mean anything to you? Do you have an good idea how the U.S. Supreme Court works? Ever wondered why it takes so long from a death sentence to execution in the US judicial system? I surely would have answered most of these questions with a “No”, and frankly these topics seem rather dry and difficult to dig into to me.

However, having only recently finished reading “Conviction”, a more or less despair-induced buy on a long weekend, I do feel somewhat puzzled by the complexity of the many issues closely linked to the death penalty in the USA. Along the lines of the invented case of the Price brothers, both having been sentenced to death, and the pro bono lawyer of one of them trying to save him from execution only weeks before the final date, Patterson provides very insightful information wrapped into a stunning read.

To start with, even when finding evidence that would have sufficed for accquittal in the original trial, but that has been raised - and inefficiently so - by e.g. an incompetent lawyer, you are not even entitled to a new trial if the original one did not violate the very basic formalities demanded by the constitution. That might strike you as wierd, but be assured, that’s by far not the only thing of that kind that will occur to you when reading the book. Patterson himself is a lawyer and seems to have done profound research in order to get the facts right. It’s not the right book to read when you’re seeking for easy entertainment, but I don’t think that was supposed to be its purpose.

Von Inseln und Plattformen

Gerade entdeckt: Weil der vielbeachtete Herr Houellebecq ein ebenso vielbeachtetes neues Buch (Die Möglichkeit einer Insel) herausgebracht hat, das im französischen Original bei Osiander nicht weniger als 40 € (!!) kostet, gibt es jetzt den Vorgänger namens Plattform in der gebundenen Ausgabe für 5 € ebenda.

Mal sehen, ob ich den wieder bei der Hälfte angewidert weglege. Aber für das Geld nehm’ ich das Risiko in Kauf ;-)

Ken Follet - Whiteout

It’s sadly been a very long time since I read really as much as I’d like to. The last book I finished - The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason - I bought in April and didn’t manage to read through until July. This time, I managed to acquire and read a book within less than a week. It really seems I’m recovering ;)

Ken Follet obviously is a quite well-known and successful author, although I have never read any of his books (yet). This one is set in a biotech laboratory, in which a anti-virus drug is developed and in the process tested against several of the most lethal viruses on earth. Of course, there’s a security breach, and the story evolves around the consequences. Follet also elegantly embeds some erotics, love, human error, and very ordinary family quarrels into his plot, and does not get lost in the tempting possibility of just relying on the high-tech setting to create tension. The book is never boring, not on a single page, and was very nice to read and follow. It’s not perfect, but it makes for good amusement on a long Sunday afternoon.

Whiteout has 472 pages and is available as paperback from Pan Books and costs about 7 €.

Anna Gavalda - Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part

Ce livre - dont existe aussi une version allemande (Ich möchte, daß irgendwo jemand auf mich wartet) fut un des premiers que je me suis achetés dès que je suis en France. Ayant déjà fait des bonnes experiences avec ce genre litéraire (contes), j’éxpectais au moins un peu de temps sans ennui. Je dirais je ne suis pas décu.

"Anna Gavalda - Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part" vollständig lesen